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Building Million Dollar Practices
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Solstice 5M Masters Academy

Powerful Online Training Course for the Development of Your Million Dollar Practice

What if you could build a million dollar practice that's designed to provide the life you've always wanted?

Would you like the freedom to work the number of days you want, have the courage to do the kind of dentistry of which you’ve always dreamed. And the flexibility to choose what your life looks like from today until the day you purposefully retire.

Introducing the Solstice 5M Masters Academy, an online training course, giving you the knowledge and foundation to build million-dollar dental practices.

 Included in this training are proven methods used that will take you from burned out and tired to excited and ready to thrive. Then you’ll get systems to expand from 700k, 800k to over 1M + dollars in practice production. These are building blocks that allow you to continue up the growth curve.

This is an all-inclusive course that works.

  • Even if you’re feeling stuck
  • Even if you don’t believe you are capable
  • Even if you’re tired and ready to quit

“Over the last 2 months, we’ve increased by $20,000 each month….I want to thank you for sharing your years of expertise to help take my practice to the next level.”
Dr. Raymond Sheridan DDS


Remember the day you graduated from dental school? Did you dream of building a thriving practice where you excitedly woke up every morning looking forward to the day, enjoying your morning cup of coffee, strolling into the practice at ease ready for an amazing day doing the type of dentistry you love with the type of patients you love to work with? Every day? Every month? For your entire career?

But years later reality isn’t at all like your dream. You wake up hoping to snooze, wearily walking into the practice dreading your day, not looking forward to spending time with your staff and your patients.

Tired and feeling insignificant, you’ve resigned yourself to this life.

What if it didn’t have to be that way?

Imagine your early dreams. You wake up, roll out of bed feeling energetic. You roll into the office with enthusiasm, looking forward to working with your team. The big cases you’ve been working to book are consistently flowing in. You feel good. Your staff senses the change. They’re more engaged an excited about their work too. You leave work with a smile. As you drive home you look forward to spending your evening with family and friends, the people who mean so much to you.

You check your production numbers at realize you’re consistently producing over 100k dollars monthly. And it happens without banging your head into the wall.

This isn’t a dream. This isn’t something only a few select “special” people get to do. You can create the practice of your dreams even if you’re not sure where to start.

I never wanted to give up my freedom. I wanted to build a practice that would provide the life I wanted to live.

Day one I had no clue how to do it. I just knew that I would put in the work to figure it out.

And with years of hard work, I went from fresh-faced dentist with little experience to a million dollar practice and have served tens of thousands of patients in my career.

  • A practice that has allowed to me take off to go to my sons' sporting events when they were kids
  • A practice that let me use my unique skill set to care for and serve my community
  • A practice that let me live the life I wanted, travel the world over and generate revenue while I’m away from the practice

And now with the 5M Masters Academy you will learn how to build your own million dollar practice with systems and strategies to support you. 

- Dr. Bill Williams

Dr. Bill Williams
Marketing Million Dollar Practice

Hi, I’m Dr. Bill Williams. You might know me as the author of the Amazon best-seller, Marketing The Million Dollar Practice and The 10,000 A Day Dentist or as the founder of Suwanee Dental Care and Stone Mountain Dental Group. Both of which I sold for seven figures.

But the day I started I didn’t know anything about running a business. Like you, I was prepared to practice dentistry not market and implement business systems. I definitely wasn’t ready to run a multi-million dollar dental practice.

I did know what I wanted. I wanted to take what I had learned and become known for helping the people in my community maintain their oral health. You know what it feels like to help someone in need. And as you develop your skill more and more people are impacted by your work. Then one day you realize, hey, I’m really good at this.

I knew I was good at my work, my passion. I also knew I could help people until the day I decided to retire. People will always need dental care.

In the beginning I didn’t have 20+ employees and over 12 operatories. I didn’t have the skill set to practice oral surgery or cosmetic dentistry. I was just a skinny guy, believe it or not I weighed 130lbs the day I completed dental school, looking to make my mark in my community.

If you would have told me that in 40 years I would sell my practice for multiple seven figures I would have chuckled and said maybe, with a hint of doubt. I mean who does that?

In fact, when I look back I made plenty of mistakes. I tried to build businesses outside of what I knew and it cost me, time and money. I got distracted. I decided to sell my first practice, Stone Mountain Dental Group, and I took a major chance by offering owner financing. Not fun when you have to take the practice back from the buyer. Another hard lesson learned.

But I was learning.

I learned what people wanted. And I learned how to quickly add skills to my tool kit that would allow me to serve the needs and desires of my patients.

When I started over in Suwanee in my 40s I had a workable plan to finish out my career and enjoy the dentistry I loved to do.

What I found rocked my world. When you go left when everyone else is going right people notice. They wonder why that guy is doing something different.

We changed the way people perceived dentistry in our community. We created a patient experience that was unprecedented. We created a marketing engine that allowed us to show up everywhere in our community. And when patients left our practice they couldn’t help but share with their friends how amazing their experience was.

We started from zero dollars in revenue and grew a half million dollars a year, that’s 500k dollars for 10 straight years. And then we maintained that year over year.

With my career winding down I am ready to show you how I did but more importantly how you can too.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a $5 million dollar practice to change your life. If you’re stuck at 700k, 800k, or even 1 million, you can break through.

You can be a million dollar + producer.


First, I want to ask you a question. 

If you’ve wanted to grow your practice, to break though what’s holding you back, why haven’t you started?

Are you waiting for the perfect solution?

Are you waiting for the right opportunity to come along?

When I talk to dentists we’ve trained and the thousands who have read my book, Marketing The Million Dollar Practice, the response is almost unanimous.

"Yes, I am ready to be a million dollar producer."

Why? It’s not really surprising. We all want more appointments, winning systems, higher levels of employee engagement, community involvement, and in return have more freedom, more profits and less stress.

So what is holding us back?

Why do we talk about wanting a more profitable, efficient practice – read everyone from John Maxwell and Stephen Covey to Tony Robbins - and still don’t have the motivation or drive to make it happen?

One of the greatest barriers to success is information. We hold a belief that if I just gather a bit more information I’ll be ready to make a move soon.

The problem is we feel we never have enough of the right information.

But to build a successful million-dollar practice you have to do one thing: START. Even before you’re ready.

There is one piece missing. And this one piece matters as much as all the information you could gather. Your inner mindset. The voice inside that regulates what you say and do.

I discovered this in my own life and those I have trained. The ones who are successful have learned to master the gremlins that keep them from living their best life.

Have you ever thought, "I don’t have the right idea?" No one wants to take action on ideas they don’t trust or believe in.

Have you ever thought, "I’m not really an expert so I can’t say I am?" No one wants to buy from someone who doesn’t believe in themselves and the valuable services they provide.

Have you ever said, "I don’t have time to spend on something I don’t know will work?" No one ever knows if anything works until they do it. There is no trying. You either do or you don’t. Results vary but the actions must be consistent.

Have you ever said, "I've been wondering where to start?" We all do. Some people sell you this magic bullet. Others that magic bullet. Paralyzed you don’t know which one to buy.

Have you ever said to yourself, "It feels wrong to sell to my patients?" Who likes pushy and obnoxious people? Not many people I know. The good thing in dentistry is when you learn how to sell by caring, helping your patients understand their case and their individual needs, things begin to change. Responsible closing releases you from pressuring patients to close.

Have you ever said, "The timing just isn’t right?" Well I’ll have more time once this next project is finished. When we’re prepared for change we’ll do it. Really? Let me ask you, is the timing ever going to be perfect? No, so what’s really holding you back?

We want to ignore these thoughts. But the solution is to engage them.

Here's the key. Listen to why you think the way you do. Understand what is holding you back. Then take action.

Where you are today isn’t where you will be tomorrow and a year from now you’ll look back and see how much you and your practice have grown because you made a decision without all the answers, without knowing 100% that everything will work out. You trusted your gut that said it is time for change, right now. So let’s go do it.

If we’re not careful we encounter gridlock. What’s behind the gridlock? Overwhelm.

"What plan is the one for me, who do I listen to, how do I implement, who will take charge, can I really do this, will my staff buy in, do I need more time?"

I found that whenever I encountered these challenging thoughts they became bigger hurdles when I ignored them. When I faced them and embraced the unknowns behind them a shift occurred.

Take action

I don’t know all of the answers but if I take action stuff begins to happen. And then I can learn what works and what doesn’t.

If you’re curious about how I went from 0 to 5 million dollars of production annually I’m going to show you.

Early in my career I made a decision to be a life long learner. I’ve studied under the brightest minds in dentistry and business. I learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t work.

I heard too many stories of the magic genie. Do this one thing and success will find you. All because you showed up.

What I found was those who were most successful were the ones who took an idea, applied the idea to their business, and then evaluated the success of the idea.

Action. Action. Action.

My results have been extraordinary.

I’ll show you how to do this. To focus on the things that move the needle – by helping others achieve their dreams and goals. Combine that with systems that support growth and you will see change begin to happen.

If you help people reach their goals and operate with proven systems to support your business you will see growth.

The type of growth that will give you back control of your life.

So how do we make it happen?

The same way Kevin Durant, Lewis Hamilton, Aaron Rodgers, Stephen Curry, Ronda Rousey and Novak Djokovic make it happen. By...

Strategic Training

Each of these world-class athletes works with sports specific coaches and trainers to improve their performance. They need systems to support their life from physical performance training to mental performance training.

The brightest minds in business do the same.

When I started Suwanee Dental, my coach helped me grow as an individual and business owner.

Together we designed processes and strategies to support the practice I wanted to create, doing the daily work required for success.

I learned strategy. Designing a plan to work. 


A specific method designed to produce million dollar practices serving patients with high quality dental care.

An action plan to take a practice into million dollar territory. Maybe I want to increase my production 1k a day, maybe 2k a day more maybe 3k, 4, or 5k more a day. I just want to know how to start.


The practice systems to turn a practice into a consistent producer so I could work the days I want to work.

Analysis of where I am and what it will take to get where I want to go.


Help as you go. We all have questions. No one gets it right every time on the first go round. Staying connected when it gets tough gives you courage to dig deep.

The great news is I have included all of this in my course that will show you how to create and sustain a million dollars plus in annual production. 

I want to introduce you to the Solstice 5M Masters Academy, a proven online practice growth course, helping build million-dollar dental practices.

You’ll get these lessons in a 12-module online course that covers the process of how you become a million dollar producer.

You will learn the systems, actions and examples of how to take where you are and begin working a plan to reach your practice goals.

And you’ll learn how to build a sustainable, profitable practice that is low stress and more importantly a fun place for you, your team and your patients to be.

How is the Solstice 5M Masters Academy different?

We include every step of the process to becoming a million dollar producer from creating your ideal target to measuring what gets done.


“Dr. Bill Williams’ Solstice 5M presents a well crafted blueprint for growth and prosperity in the comprehensive care practice. I think most will find it quite valuable as I did, and I recommend it highly.“

Dr. Joseph Tartagni, DMD

“One of the most important things Dr. Williams taught me about having an exceptional dental practice was to have great systems in place for new and existing patient experiences and scheduling those patient’s appointments for success.”

Dr. Sarah Roberts, DMD

I’ve spent 40 plus years testing what works and in this 12-module course you will save time by not having to reinvent what works. I have spent thousand of hours and millions of dollars on my own CE and personal development and now I can share with you the best of what I know works.

“My experiences with Dr. Williams have created in me a better dentist, businessman, and person. His example of integrity and vision has inspired me to reach and create and become. It’s hard to think of another dentist who has better mastered the art, science, and business of dentistry and running dental practices.”

Dr. Lee Ostler, DDS

"Few in dentistry have consistently contributed the collected wisdom of the profession to colleagues invested in continuing their education as has Bill Williams. His commitment is not only transferring the collected wisdom of the masters he has chosen as mentors, but enlisted the sage and energetic support of his life's partner, Sheila. Together they have gifted hundreds by training and example."

Dr. Omer Redd, DDS

Inside The  Solstice 5M Masters Academy

Solstice 5M Masters Academy is a set of webinar videos, audio, worksheets and more. It's your million dollar homes study course. A strategic plan in a box.

Accessible 24/7 online, downloadable so you can access it from anywhere.

In designing the 5M I mapped out a roadmap for you to follow. It's called the Gold Key List.

Start where you are. Create your target and create consistent movement towards your goals.

It’s amazing how when you go from thoughts and ideas to actually doing the work and building your million-dollar practice you begin to see things that weren’t so clear in the beginning.

Module 1: Target

Creating your ideal practice means knowing who you are and knowing who your ideal patient is. Get it right, get clear before you start. This is the foundational key to your success. You’ll learn how to create your vision and generating extreme clarity.

Module 2: Create

Activate your team with this key strategy. You will not believe the power of the 90-day action plan. It is powerful and you will see how impactful this is to your practice growth. The secret sauce to most practices is in the action steps. You’ll learn why here.

Module 3: Trust

A simple yet effective leadership organizational plan is your key to handling growth as it happens. You will simplify your life with an effective leadership plan. This module will help you determine how you handle day to day issues within the practice.

Module 4: Feel

What do others think of you and your style of management? A 360 analysis will shed light on your style and help you become the dynamo you want to be. Your team needs a certain level of maturity and ability to handle emotional drama. Wouldn’t you like a tool to measure and know more about how to help them be their best?

Module 5: Build

I like to work with 10’s and I bet you do too. This module is about finding your 10s, training your 10s and keeping 10s once you have this valuable player on board. You will learn how to get the right team on board.

Module 6: Generate

I wrote the book on this topic and it is vital to your future success. In this module we focus on the Webcentric method for creating your marketing action plan. You’ll understand and implement steps to make meaningful connections with current and prospective patients.

Module 7: Maximize

100 new patients a month is the focus of this module, getting enough tactics working so that each day you have the day you dream of, knowing your production goals are on track and improving.

Module 8: Book

The difference between the good practice and the ultra-successful practice is in how they schedule. See why mindset is as important as skill set. Serial, parallel, and dovetailing are three examples of scheduling. Add "perfect day scheduling" and "8 at 8" and you will have a preview of how I produce an average of 15K dollars per day in my own operatories.

Module 9: Tour

The core of the 5M Masters Academy training is this. No dental team who goes through this training ever goes back to the old ways of doing things again. You’ll see why. Our new patients who go through the NPE accept, on average, twice the amount of dentistry of those who don’t go through this rapport and trust-building method of patient induction into the practice.

Module 10: Master

The ability to offer all dental services under one roof is huge. Get started now on expanding your capabilities and adding income centers to your practice. I share with you the best three ways to increase production by adding $2,500 a day to your practice.

Module 11: Communicate

Expert status, being the authority, communicating in a way that draws patients in are topics for this module. Is a podcast in your future? Will radio and TV be a staple media in your advertising arsenal? Where do blogging and social media fit into the scheme of practice marketing? Being able to communicate and connect is your ticket to success.

Module 12: Measure

What gets measured gets done. We teach it; we believe it because we’ve seen it happen. Meet your goals each month, reach new heights because you are keeping tabs on how things are going daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly. You’ll learn key strategies to grow your million dollar practice.

Help along the way.

You’re not alone in the Solstice 5M Masters Academy. This course will guide you module-by-module, lesson by lesson. If you’re ever stuck all you have to do is ask a question and the 5M community will help deliver clarity to your question.

“Dr. Williams has found a predictable method to help you reach a level of success most can only dream of. Yes it is a DREAM PRACTICE; unlike a dream though, it requires discipline and a determination to succeed. The benefit today is a model exists for you to step into and run.”

Dr. Nick Meyer, DDS

With the Solstice 5M Masters Academy you will be able to:

  • Schedule More Appointments
  • Implement Winning Systems
  • Boost Overall Office Efficiency
  • Communicate More Effectively
  • Be Seen As The Expert
  • Maximize Sales Opportunities
  • Increase Cash Flow And Profits

Is the Solstice 5m Masters Academy for you?

I’m in the enviable position of doing this because practicing dentistry for 40 plus years has allowed me to live a wonderful life. I’m not training dentists because I need the income. I love working with a small group of doctors who are willing to put in the work to make their dreams become reality. My joy is seeing you succeed.

Please read this. Solstice 5M Masters Academy is not for you if:

  1. You are looking for a magic genie who will give you your heart's desires simply because you wished.
  2. You don’t have a plan now and want to increase revenue a million dollars in 3 months.
  3. You are already working with someone else and committed to them. Too many ideas is not helpful for anyone. Specific action matters.
  4. You only want motivation. I like to encourage and empower but your success comes down to your willingness to work.

Solstice 5M Masters Academy is for you if:

  1. You’re ready for change and are prepared to work.
  2. You’re ready for the journey, willing to put your head down and step-by-step, day-by-day make small gains that lead to massive results.
  3. You’re looking for a plan not a theory.
  4. You’re mentally and physically prepared to do the work required for your success.


“Bill is one of the most progressive and forward thinking dentists in the U.S. He allows you to discover your truth, all the while helping you along the way. As for experience, Bill has exposure in many different aspects of dentistry, allowing him to refine the best elements into his own excellence.”

Dr. Eric Ellis, DDS



What if I don’t know where to begin? Perfect. You don’t need to know. We’ll show you were to jump in and cast your vision for where you want to go.

How is this course different from other courses? The material in this course has been applied daily in my own practice and by those who have tested and implemented over the lifetime of the course. This isn’t theory. This is real world application. You get the why and the how with specific action steps required in each module.

You’ll also get bonus in-depth New Patient Experience training from my wife Sheila, who spent three decades along side me mastering every position in the practice except hygiene. She creates clarity with her words enabling even the newest member of your team to deliver an NPE like a rockstar. 

You’ll also receive bonus Closing The Case training from Angie Cain, my current treatment coordinator. Angie has worked along side of me for more than three decades spending the majority of her time as the office manager. She is a master at closing complex cases with patients. She has successfully sold over $400,000 in dentistry each month for the past ten years. 

And you’ll also receive team performance training from my son, Tyler Williams. Tyler is a trained performance coach and emotional intelligence master practitioner. Having studied from the brightest minds at Dale Carnegie Training, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, TalentSmart and Ziglar, Inc, you and your team will become emotionally intelligent top performers. 

No other course brings together the depth and wealth of knowledge as the Solstice 5M Masters Academy. Plus you get a 100% money-back guarantee.

You may ask..."Am I ready for the Solstice 5M Masters Academy?" I don’t know, are you? You’ve seen the examples and testimonials. You may have already seen and read my book. You know my practice has produced $5 million plus annually for almost a decade. You’ve seen enough to make a decision. You now have to decide.

Doubt, fear – that’s expected. But don’t let your gremlins be the thing that holds you back.

If the Solstice 5M Masters Academy isn’t for you, no problem. Don’t join. I’ll hold no hard feeling against you and I’ll still send you great information you can use in future emails.

But if you’re ready to make a move, the Solstice 5M Masters Academy can help you and your team build the practice you and I know you are capable of building.

How much one on one help will I get? I know many of you want to work one on one with me. And I have to apologize. I don’t have the time for one to one work. I still practice 2-3 days a week plus produce great content for the 5M Masters Academy as well as for my year long 5M mastermind group. We do have a team in the 5M community available to answer questions and move you to greater clarity. I also give you access to 4 Follow-Up Calls where I have personally answered commonly asked questions from the course.

How long until I increase my daily production? I can’t promise specific results from your practice. No one can. And you shouldn’t place full trust in anyone who does. We all have different starting points, we all have unique issues, we all have different communities we live in. It wouldn’t be okay for me to promise this program as your savior. If I’m honest this course is challenging. It will require work which is why I offer lifetime access. If you do the work you will see results. And when you look back 2-3 years from now, what you invest now will show itself. What will it be worth over a career to add $100,00 or $250,000 a year to your current production?

What if I am already overwhelmed? We’re not looking to sink your ship. We’re looking to tow you back to port, get you fixed up good as new and get you out on the high seas again. We face overwhelm when we don’t know what to do. The 5M is your guide. With lifetime access, you can progress at your own speed and if you need a break, take it. The 5M will be waiting for you.

Will I fall behind? Let go of striving. There is no set pace here. Each module opens up weekly. If you need more time, take it. You need to go out of town, take a break, take it with you, you decide. Bring in your team or office manager for specific modules to help you implement the systems. The 5M will be waiting for you. Just don’t forget about us.

Is this course live? The 5M is not a live course. You will be able to start immediately. There is no travel involved unless you join my in person 5M mastermind group and then you get to come to my personal home and train with a special group of doctors committed to going deep and changing their practices. With lifetime access and downloadable content you have massive opportunity to make this course work for you to achieve your goals.

How much time will I need to spend each week?  2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours – it’s really up to you. The minimum time I suggest is 3 hours a week. That includes watching or listening to the module you’re working, completing the work connected to the module and spending time with yourself brainstorming what it looks like to implement the week’s material into your practice. Once you get deeper into marketing of course it will be more time intensive as you or a team member connects with designers, direct mail, online advertising, etc…

What might you consider besides the 5M? Well there are other options and I respect your decision. You can get an MBA where you’ll learn mostly theory. You can hire a business coach, which will run you $1,000 a month or more for a great one. You can continue your own trial and error. Or you could do nothing.

What would you give to learn from someone who is actively practicing still producing over 15k a day personally? I’ve mentioned before, I had my best day ever and my best month ever in dentistry this year. I’m not ready to give this up and more importantly I want to help others have their best days too.

I truly believe the 5M can help you achieve the practice of your dreams with your best days ahead of you both professionally and personally.


An Unbeatable Guarantee:

Try “Solstice 5M Masters Academy” For A Full 30 Days, 100% Risk-Free

Try the first 4 modules of the course. If you don’t love it, I insist you get your investment back. I’ll even dig in and cover the credit card fees. All you have to do is show me the completed worksheets from the 4 modules and share with me why the 5M isn’t working out for you and your money is guaranteed returned.

Let me share with you why I offer this amazing guarantee.

I’ve talked to too many doctors, from the young grad looking to make their mark on dentistry to the seasoned pro looking to retire but didn’t plan well and now they’re looking to grow their practice in an effort to boost their retirement.

I want to help. I want to use my expertise to help you live your best life with the freedom to do the things you dream of. From paying for college and weddings to dream vacations and time well spent with loved ones.

I know this material works. That’s why I’ve spent 5 years developing this content, fine tuning each module and bringing the best of what I know straight to you.

That’s why my book is a #1 Amazon best-seller in dentistry.

And I can’t make it any simpler. It is why I guarantee the 5M.

All you have to do is take the course. If it doesn’t fit for you I want you to email me, show me the work you did and I’ll refund you 100%.

This guarantee is good for a full 30 days. Try 4 modules of the course. If you don’t find value in it, show me the work and tell me you are not seeing any results. I’ll refund your money. 100% of the price.

I only ask you to show me the exercises because they are powerful. Simple and effective. I don’t need money from unsatisfied students. But I do insist you take action in order to see results. I’ve spent years fine tuning the 5M for you. If you’re ready for it I’d like to share it with you and play a role in helping you become a million dollar producer.


Join Today And Get

12 Online Modules, over 15 hours of content moving you from your initial target to measuring specific results. You will receive 12 modules of recorded video webinars, separate downloadable lesson audio, downloadable module implementation worksheet and resources connected to the implementation plan.

In depth NPE Training Sheila Williams, my wife will take you deeper into the NPE from the assistant perspective. Sheila served as my lead dental assistant for decades and was our master trainer helping dental assistants master the art of dental assisting. You’ll learn what it takes to deliver a world class NPE, one that connects a NP to the practice.

In depth with Closing The Case  My treatment coordinator Angie Cain closes cases in the 90th percentile. You will learn from Angie how the NPE sets her up for greater success and how she approaches the art of closing the case, large or small, they all matter and this is why she is successful. Hear first-hand from someone who has managed and coordinated a 5 million dollar practice for more than a decade.

In depth Team Performance  Tyler Williams, my son and founder of Williams Performance Group will take you on a deep dive in emotional intelligence and peak performance. I’d like to take credit for all he knows but I can’t take credit for everything. He has taken what he learned from us as entrepreneurs and coupled it with performance training and emotional intelligence to help individuals and businesses perform at optimal levels. You will learn how to increase engagement and employee retention while having fun together.

Detailed Action Plans  Each module is prepped with detailed action plans enabling you to run with what you’ve learned and take action, creating movement towards your goals. You see the specific 90 day goal spreadsheet I used to grow my business 500k a year, year over year for a decade. You’ll see the NPE script we’ve developed used for over two decades. You’ll see the 200 Guerilla marketing tactics I implemented that generated over 100 patients a month every month for the past 15 years.

Take Your Time Of course we like you to stay on track but you have 24/7 access anytime you’d like. All course videos are downloadable as well as the audio and worksheets. Go through the course in 12 weeks and then go back through at a slower pace over 12 months. This is a marathon not a sprint. The ones who report back to me with great success bought in to the method, they learned, they took action and they repeated the process over and over again.

It’s time to make a decision. If you’re ready to invest in yourself and build a million dollar plus practice don’t wait for the right day. Don’t wait for the genie to show up. You’ll be waiting your whole life.

If not now, can I ask you when? The decision is up to you.

A year from now, you’ll be one year older. Will you be living the life you think about daily?

Solstice 5M Masters Academy

 1 Payment of $4,997

Remember module 10 alone shows you how to add an additional $2,500 a day to your practice.

 If you have any questions or concerns about the course, email us. We’re happy to help.
Phone: (770)-614-4249