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Let’s Talk About How to Create Exceptional Employee Engagement

You have a unique opportunity to make a difference, not by creating life changing smiles, but something even bigger.  You can change the work lives of your team members and that in turn improves their family lives. Employee enagement isn’t just about what happens in the workplace. It has possitive (or negative) ripples that will reverberate through each and every aspect of their life.

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Dr. Bill Williams on The Digital Classroom Podcast

I got to spend some time LIVE with Dr Bill Williams at the Smiles as Sea, Dentistry’s Got Talent Event. He shared some awesome nuggets on how he is giving back to the industry that he loves, Dentistry! He talked about his 2 best selling books as well as the work is doing with Solstice Dental Advisors, his coaching and mastermind company. His energy is infectious and even after all of his years in Dentistry, he shared the passion he has everyday. We also learned some fun things about Dr Williams as well. Thanks for sharing Bill!

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