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The Thriving Dentist with Gary Takacs Podcast: 12 Steps to Grow a $5 Million Dental Practice with Dr. Bill Williams

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In an earlier interview with Dr. Bill Williams, Gary and Bill discussed his tips for staying in love with dentistry for over 40 years. During that earlier interview Bill told his story about how he had to start from scratch at age 48 after some setbacks and how he went on to develop a $5M practice in less than 10 years. In this interview, Bill and Gary discuss the 12 steps that he followed to achieve these amazing results. While these business results are truly outstanding, the best part is that Bill has achieved these goals while maintaining a practice philosophy based on providing quality care and excellent customer service! You’ll be inspired by Bill’s story and find these 12 steps useful regardless of your practice goals.


Earlier Interview with Bill; ‘How to Stay in LOVE with Dentistry for Over 40 Years’:

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