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Friday’s Fruit Comes From Monday’s Seeds

Fruit does indeed come from seeds but it also comes from preparing the ground, tending to the soil, watering the seeds regularly and keeping the weeds away during the growth season. No seed will produce fruit unless nurtured.

When it comes to Big Cases in Dentistry, there are a few rules to follow. Let me share with you some that I experienced today.

1.      A patient who was an AT&T executive left his general dentist when they referred them to a local prosthodontist to get the eight dental implant case planned out and started. He told my dental assistant that his equipment looks out-of-date. With all molars and some bicuspids missing the $40-50,000 case came to me because of my #1 listing of dentists in all of Atlanta on  

I had an office tour as well as before and after photos of my implant and reconstruction cases on the web for him to see. The years of building expert status and being on specific dental directories continues to pay off in big numbers. The rule is to advertise and market in place where big ticket buyers look. Drop seeds in places where the Big Dogs eat.

2.     I was scanning my email yesterday and a dentist on one of the dental forums I am on, Crown Council, made a smug statement about getting an offer to join He sneeringly asked the online group who else had gotten an invitation, insinuating that everyone did, so it was no special deal. He was not interested and wanted everyone to know he was above paying for marketing like that. He was like a weed in a rose garden, to me at least.

Did I tell you that I have been a client of Top3Dentists for some time, have received a thorough background check by them and am now rated on that service directly according to my level of expertise for all to see? It took me six months to get cleared to be on their service, to get all my references in, and to have my “before and after” cases evaluated. Yes, I had to “pass the test” to be on their website.

The results are that we get referrals that spend big bucks for big cases simply because we are rated so highly. You should expect to spend money to make money. Big case dentistry is out there to do, if you are magnetic in your approach. You have to be mindful of the surrounding chatter and not let the “weeds” of the dental profession lead you to make the wrong decision. Following the herd is often not the recipe for your success.

3.     Today, a new 41 year old patient came in, had a question about his four wisdom teeth and wanted a second opinion. I examined him, confirmed that there was a moderate to severe periodontal condition as well as cavity in two of them. I suggested taking them out. As I completed the comprehensive exam with full x-rays and photographs, I said on my exit statement, “By the way, it will only take ten minutes to get them all out, perhaps only five if they are real easy. Do you want to do them now? I have time.”

I left the room after turning the decision over to my assistant to discuss with the patient. He left 30 minutes later minus four third molars. It wasn’t exactly Big Case Dentistry but the $894 fee was a bit bigger than the $214 it would have only been if we had just completed the exam and x-rays.

Some will call it Same Day Dentistry; others coined the phrase Seen Today Dentistry. I have always called it Striking While the Iron is Hot. Iron bends and can be molded to conform to what is desired by the blacksmith when it is hot, glowing red hot. Likewise, a patient can be molded (persuaded) to enter into the treatment mode on a day they at first expected only an exam and a consultation when the dental blacksmith has a plan in effect to “Strike While the Iron is Hot”.

Big Cases often walk when the dentist delays. Have you seen that happen? The patient in the chair NOW is the HOT one. They sit in the HOT SEAT. It’s your job to recognize when they are open to moving forward today. You are the blacksmith tasked to forge their dental future.

Don’t forget to Strike While the Iron is Hot!

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