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First Impressions Last

More than location, your image in the community dictates your results. You will get the type of patients to whom you promote yourself and your practice.

What if you could stack the deck in your favor so that 95% of all newcomers to your local area want you to be their dentist? That should be your goal, and you can set up your systems and practice management to achieve just that goal!

You only get one chance to make a good first impression. So don’t blow it. Create it!

Make it happen. Reality is this: You create a first impression many times.

Imagine a new patient’s first sight of your office building, the first phone conversation with your receptionist, the first smell of the office, their hygienist’s first touch, the thoroughness of that first exam, or the dentist’s first injection.

At Suwanee Dental Care, we developed the “New Patient Experience” – an introduction to the practice for new clients which is memorable and unique. The result is a new “brand evangelist” who gives glowing reviews to friends and relatives. Those referral customers come to us, and the “New Patient Experience” process begins again.

It is your job as CEO of your practice to ensure that each potential interface with the public makes an outstanding first impression. This includes their first look at your Yellow Pages ad; their first visit to your web site; and that first phone call to your office staff, answering machine or answering service.

What was that potential client’s first thought about you and your practice? Did your image ooze out of that interaction as you would have preferred? Were you in control of the results?

Marketing a dental practice today takes more than we were initially equipped to conceive in dental school. As dental entrepreneurs, we need to be savvy in many business areas, too.

Do you know the percentage of your annual gross income that you should reinvest into marketing? Do you know that figure changes, depending upon the longevity of your practice and income goals?

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