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Junk Mail Or Direct Mail Gold

Direct mail is still one of the best ways to market. The reason is simple. With direct mail, once your buyer starts reading your letter there are generally less distractions. Your prospect is able to focus solely on your marketing message. While internet marketing is great, you only have a few seconds to grab your prospect’s attention before they click onto something else.

The key is finding a way to get your mail piece opened. I know when I receive something that looks personal, like an invitation or holiday card, I open it!  You know the old adage “If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it probably is”? The same goes for your direct mail campaign. If it looks like junk mail, chances are it will be tossed like junk mail. Here are some great ways to up the chances that your pieces are opened:

  1. Hand address the envelope for both the sender and return. This is great and affordable if you’re doing a small mailing campaign. For larger campaigns, there are companies you can use to have your pieces hand addressed.
  2. Use first class or commemorative stamps that stand out instead of bulk postal metering.
  3. Use a plain #10 white envelope or colored envelope that looks like a personal letter or invitation.
  4. Include hand written notes in the margin of your letter or use a “yellow sticky” note to personalize or to inform them of a special offer.
  5. Make the content of your letter sound more personal and less “salesy”. Try and start your letter with “Dear (first name),” and leave out the “business letter format” that restates the recipient’s address.

As with any marketing campaign, the key is to track the results. See what work best for you, in your area and make adjustments as necessary. The use of a special offer or promo code is the best!


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