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Principles of Refer-Ability

Principles are beliefs we hold as truth that provide the foundation on which we conduct our lives and our businesses.  There are seven Principles of Refer-ability that form the mindset of the Solstice Dental clients.  Without the mindset, all the techniques are just techniques—they are not relationship-building tools that transform the way you live and work.

That is why we hold the Principles of Refer-ability as one of the most important parts of the Solstice Community experience.  If these principles are a good fit for you, then the Solstice Gold Community can provide all the tools, systems and strategies you need to intentionally develop and evolve your life and your business.

  1. Character:  Permanent change begins on the inside and works its way to the outside

We believe character is what builds a great life and business.  Therefore, we are willing to do whatever it takes to align our behavior with our intentions.

 2.  Service:  Principles guide policy

We believe a simple three question test serves as the compass in all policy making:

1.      From the patient’s perspective, have I treated the patient with the utmost respect?

2.      From the patient’s perspective, have I gone above and beyond his/her expectations?

3.      From the patient’s perspective, is this policy in our best long-term financial interest?

3.    Commitment:  Consultants are for life

We believe people are seeking advice, counsel and treatment that best serve their lives.  Therefore, we conduct ourselves as consultants for their lives versus a dentist for a procedure.

 4.     Relationships:  Close Relationships are more important than transactions

We believe the only genuine way communication can be given is when it comes from the heart.  Therefore, as dentists we seek to communicate sincere caring for the people with whom we are consulting/treating.  This means we are willing to set aside our agenda for theirs.

5.     Values:  Great decisions are based on values

We believe decision making is easy when our values are clear.  As dentists, we understand       our values and help patients focus on theirs.  We both gain clarity and build the trust needed to take action.

6.     Trust:  By speaking the truth, we become trustworthy

We believe every person has a hierarchy of trust within every relationship.  Therefore, to be trusted we have to extend ourselves by being available, by volunteering information, by sharing our personal experiences, and by making connections with the experiences and aspirations of our patients.  We believe trusting other people encourages them to trust us;  distrusting others makes them lose confidence in us.

7.  Growth: Progress, not perfection!

We believe that learning is a lifelong process, not the acquisition of an idea.  Therefore, as dentists we come to understand that evolving our competence and our character is a lifelong journey.  We seek in others, and in ourselves, progress—not perfection.

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