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My Latest Fusion Marketing Campaign

As an added bonus for your diligence in completing my book, Marketing The Million Dollar Practice, I want to give you a look at a unique type of FUSION Marketing program that I use to generate huge numbers of new patients entering our practice and at the same time introduce you to two vital cogs in that Wellness model that you can use for your patients, your team and your family.

COG I – Improve My Patients’ Health


Being a part of the American Academy of Oral Systemic Health (AAOSH), I became aware of a neighboring family practice medical physician, Dr. Leslie Gaskill. She practices twelve miles from our practice so she is easily within the local “referral zone”. AAOSH is a group of dentists, physicians, nurses, dental hygienists, PhD’s and other auxiliary in the medical realm who focus on wellness, prevention, and healthy longevity. They recognize oral infections of odontogenic and periodontal origin as cause of or a complicating factor in various systemic diseases. Sleep disorders and craniomandibular disorders are intersecting areas of practice focus of members of this academy. I highly recommend being a member ofAAOSH.

Dr. Gaskillis Board Certified in Family Medicine and has eight years of experience in testing and special training in a particularly effective method of reversing cardiovascular disease. This is the Bale-Doneen Method and is the primary model of cardiovascular treatment promoted by the prestigious Cleveland Clinic. A synopsis of the method is that she examines genetic markers, advanced lipid profiling, inflammatory markers, ultrasounds including the Carotid Intima-Media Thickness test (CIMT), the doppler for peripheral vascular disease, echocardiograms, and more. She can actually detect arteriosclerosis and soft/hard plaque buildup in the arteries very early, assess the disease level(or risk of disease), then with proper protocols reverse it, and prevent it.

Another factor in her wellness program that we refer to her for diagnosis and treatment is Sleep Apnea and Snoring patients. We need the medical assessment and diagnosis as well as a C-Pap management team. Her practice provides that service for our patients. We provide the Sleep Apnea and Snoring oral appliances.

In the process of our treating her patients and her treating our patients, we have had a number of our respective team members referred between our practices for examinations and treatments. This is a bonding process that has benefited both practices. At one point, seeing our success in growth and expansion, of which you are well aware, Dr. Gaskill asked us to assist her in marketing her practice. I took this on as a favor to help continue the benefit we receive from being associated with such a well-trained and compassionate family physician. This is the level of Fusion Marketing that we are engaged in at this time.


In-Office Referral Material

Business cards, practice brochures, copies of articles from newspaper and magazines written by Dr. Gaskill, and most of all, professional referral forms with check-off boxes for the area of examination we are requesting. These materials are essential for both practices to produce and place in the other’s offices, readily available, continually stocked so that they can be given to patients with little effort on the staff’s part. I suggest a material stand or display for every room to show that it is routine and important.

I created a page on my web site dedicated to introducing Dr. Gaskill and her practice. I call it,What Doctor Do You Recommend?, because that is the most common question I get about physicians. To see her web page, go to the green link above which highlights that page name. I created this page in 30 minutes using WordPress and added the audio to the page the next week after recording and editing them. My plan is to shoot a video with my iPhone/iPad soon and also add that media to the web site.

To date, she is still working on having her webmaster create a page about our practice on her own practice web site. This is the issue of having others in charge of your site: they get to it when it is convenient to them. My suggestion is to use a responsive company to maintain your web site, not a start-up or part-time dabbler unless you personally know how to tweak your html code or WordPress site.

Radio Show Interviews

So far, I have interviewed Dr. Gaskill on two radio shows that air locally on 920 Talk Radio AM Atlanta, one on Wellness and Cardiovascular Prevention and one on Sleep Medicine. My shows are a very palatable five minutes in length, sort of a mini-feature of news on a larger show called Community Profiles here in Atlanta, Georgia. I highlight news-makers, coaches, missionaries, pastors, leaders, my patients and my team members on the show. We also advertise our practice on the larger show, so we are gaining audience recognition for our expertise as well as providing interesting content and information. If you go here (What Doctor Do You Recommend?) you will be able to hear the interviews.

Because I have also been interviewed on other radio programs, I am able to introduce Dr. Gaskill to the radio hosts and producers of those shows. I have secured her a spot on them in the near future and will add that audio content here as they are recorded and sent to me. You may look at our web site here for more details on Gwinnett Business RadioX and how we have been able to use that content to plus our practice. Here is the link that contains our interview on theGwinnett Radio web site, and here (green link below) is how I adapted that audio file and created the more ideal presentation for our own Solstice members about the system.


We are planning a series of cross promotional educational articles, case studies and testimonials to put in one another’s practice newsletters, either the online versions and/or print versions.

COG II – Improve My Body

I took control of my own physical health and determined to loose weight, improve my cardiovascular health and achieve healthy longevity by changing some of the habits I had developed over a lifetime of being a nose-to-the-grindstone dentist.

With a program developed by Isagenix in Chandler, AZ, I lost 30 lbs and six inches off of my waist this year. It’s a combination of energy support, nutritional support, brain booster and immune support. Olympic athletes and fitness gurus use it for fine-tuning their bodies to peak potential. Because it’s a referral based business model, I’ll be glad to make the referral for you to get into this program or a part of it. Contact me and ask for info on what I did.

Education is the answer and then doing something about it.

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