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Dr. Kevin Poupore

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Dr. Justin L. Roberts


What Alumni Are Saying...


"Up 9% from Q1 in 2017. ROI in 2 months with the 5M. I actually did less procedures too."
Dr. Justin Roberts

"Finished my best month ever in April! Monthly Production of 123K for 12 days! The scheduling hints, case presentation ideas, team organization, positive atmosphere, and review of the basics have made all the difference. Our investment has already paid off BIG!"
Dr. Rudy Braydich

"Dr Bill Williams' 5M Mastermind program is one of the best enhancements to your dental practice possible. It has enabled me to increase my enthusiasm for practicing and practicing well... I have increased my production and collections remarkably! I recently had eleven $10,000 production and collection days in a row for the first time in my long career. I've taken many practice management programs...this is the best! Do yourself a favor, join the 5M Mastermind program now. You can't miss by being a member of this group. - DON'T MISS OUT - Look into this program."
Dr. Kevin Poupore
New York

Had our best month ever...$248,000 in 17 days...I am a $15,000/ day dentist (almost)!!!!
Dr. Kevin Poupore - Post 5M Results
New York

"We had another all time high in our office yesterday. Highest production ever for our office. Getting our entire staff involved has made the difference for us."
Dr. Julie Baxter Marshall

"If you want to dramatically set your office apart, improve the systems in your practice and significantly increase your bottom-line you will find no better training than the Solstice 5M Mastermind with Dr. Bill Williams." 
Dr. Brad Hester

"Just had my best month ever $403K. (Came into mastermind at $245K average) Just 15 months after finishing 5M! Keep following the principles - get your staff onboard! You’ll ignite your practice."
Dr. Brad Hester - Post 5M Results

"$12,077 dollar day today...and $10,250 scheduled for tomorrow. I could get use to this!"
Dr. Greg Prior

"I realize I announced we had the best month ever in March but I am happy to announce April is now the best month ever. 118G! I had a 10K day and a 20 K day last week. I can get used to this. Still working out of one Dr op and hygienists are still crushing it."
Dr. Judson Connell

"If your desire is unbelievable growth (personal, mental, business, spiritual, and practice) you need to be part of the 5M Mastermind group!"
Dr. Cassandre Joseph
North Carolina

"Over the last two months, we’ve increased by $20,000 each month. I want to thank you for sharing your years of expertise to help take my practice to the next level."
Dr. Raymond Sheridan