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Over the last two months, we’ve increased by $20,000 each month. I want to thank you for sharing your years of expertise to help take my practice to the next level
— Dr. Raymond Sheridan DDS

With my practice being stagnant over the past two years and personally not being overly motivated, I was looking for a spark in my professional career. I would have to say that Dr. Williams has a wealth of knowledge and experience to provide the mentorship I was seeking. What he has been able to accomplish in his practice is truly amazing. The one phrase that will always stay with me from this training is that, “If it has been done before by someone else, then it is possible for you too.
— Nooredin Nurani, DMD

Dr. Williams gave me my first job when I graduated from dental school. I was an associate in his practice for three years. One of the most important things Dr. Williams taught me about having an exceptional dental practice was to have great systems in place for the new and existing patient experiences and scheduling those patient’s appointments for success.

He coached me to work smarter and necessarily harder while encouraging me to take more CE so I would feel comfortable offering a variety of services to patients. Offering a variety of services and flexible working hours has helped me achieve a new level of success with my own practice.
— Sarah Roberts, DMD

We had another all time high in our office yesterday. Highest production ever for our office. Getting our entire staff involved has made the difference for us.
— Dr. Julie Baxter Marshall

$12,077 dollar day today and $10,250 scheduled for tomorrow. I could get used to this!
— Dr. Greg Prior