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The Beliefs & Actions Course

The Beliefs & Actions Course is a 6 module course designed to help you and your team take intentional action toward creating the practice and life you dream of. Inside you will find 6 modules to move you from apathy, indecision and confusion to clarified desire, movement and focused intention. Performance improves when your beliefs and actions align. 

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Podcast Performer

Podcast Performer is a 4 module course designed to boost your influence in the community. By becoming a community influencer you become a leader in your profession. Inside Podcast Performer you'll find: Lesson 1: Community Connection, Lesson 2: Podcast Setup, Lesson 3: Making It Happen, and Lesson 4: Interview Tips. 

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EQ Performer

EQ Performer is a 4 module course designed to train you and your team to become emotionally intelligent high performers. Relationships are everything. Communication both verbal and non-verbal drives every interaction. EQ Performer is created to help you and your team interact at a peak level bringing the best dentistry to your patients. With increased emotional intelligence (EQ) your patients will feel more connected to your practice than ever before. Inside EQ Performer Modules you'll find: Lesson 1: Self-Awareness, Lesson 2: SelfManagement, Lesson 3: Social Awareness, and Lesson 4: Relationship Management. Inside you'll find 4 modules designed to educate and inspire action to support growth on your EQ journey. Improving Emotional Intelligence enhances relationships at home, work and in the community. Are you prepared to lead the way?  


Inside the 5M Masters Academy

Solstice 5M Masters Academy is an online training course comprised of videos, audio, worksheets and more. It's your million dollar home study course. A strategic plan in a box. Accessible 24/7 online, downloadable so you can access it from anywhere. Includes the 5M Gold Key List, which is the roadmap for you to follow as you study, plan, and implement the systems into your practice. Start where you are today. Create your target and generate consistent movement towards that goal. You'll be amazed to see your practice develop and begin to grow immediately after implementing the systems and following the Gold Key List. Click below for more information on the Academy.


Definitive Guide to Create an Effective Social Media Program

The Social Growth Factor is a detailed training course which takes you and your staff from absolute social media beginner to a savvy expert. It's easy to follow and begin creating targeted and engaging share-worthy content in no time. You'll be confident to take better photos and videos; connecting with people, telling stories, doing life together is the marketing method of this decade and it’s going more and more visual. Your team leads the way by capturing what matters and sharing today’s stories. Learn the seven multimedia strategies to build the e-based dental practice. Get your message where your potential new and current patients are. Reputation management and the social seven are now critical to your success in getting your fair share of new patients. Learn when to delegate and when to automate. Done for you, DFY and Do It Yourself, DIY are always options. Delegation by the dentist to get it done means the team needs guidance and training and you need good resources. The Social Growth Factor is that resource.