"Finished my best month ever in April! Monthly Production of 123K for 12 days! The scheduling hints, case presentation ideas, team organization, positive atmosphere, and review of the basics have made all the difference. Our investment has already paid off BIG!"
Dr. Rudy Braydich

"Dr Bill Williams' 5M Mastermind program is one of the best enhancements to your dental practice possible. It has enabled me to increase my enthusiasm for practicing and practicing well...I have increased my production/collections remarkably! I recently had eleven $10,000 production/collectiion days in a row for the first time in my long career. I've taken many practice management programs...this is the best! Do yourself a favor, join the 5M Mastermind program now. You can't miss by being a member of this group. - DON'T MISS OUT - Look into this program."
Dr. Kevin Poupore
New York

"We had another all time high in our office yesterday. Highest production ever for our office. Getting our entire staff involved has made the difference for us."
Dr. Julie Baxter Marshall

"If you want to dramatically set your office apart, improve the systems in your practice and significantly increase your bottom-line you will find no better training than the Solstice 5M Mastermind with Dr. Bill Williams." 
Dr. Brad Hester

"$12,077 dollar day today...and $10,250 scheduled for tomorrow.....I could get use to this :)"
Dr. Greg Prior

"If your desire is unbelievable growth (personal, mental, business, spiritual, and practice) you need to be part of the 5M Mastermind group!"
Dr. Cassandre Joseph
North Carolina

By now, you may have heard from me that I believe The Mastermind is the single best way to grow a dental practice. You get the best bang for your buck, for your time and your effort by actively participating in a dental mastermind. Nothing can propel you farther and faster. We hold multiple mastermind groups throughout the year. See the information below to learn about the 5M Mastermind and how you can transform your life and business. 

Here are the facts you want to know:

1. What’s included:

  • Three 2-day live mastermind events
    • Learn in a relaxed setting at Oakmont, Dr. & Mrs. Williams’ home in the metro Atlanta suburb of Suwanee, GA
    • Breakfast and lunch will be provided each day 
  • Solstice Office Manuals for the 3 key positions….this is huge value here, worth the price of the mastermind all by itself
  • Monthly Group Coaching Call
  • Direct Email Access to Solstice Team Members
  • The entire 5M Masters Academy online programs:  
    • All 12 modules plus 3 bonus modules
    • This is how we grew ½ million a year for ten straight years. It’s all chronicled here.
    • The Gold Key List is your master blueprint to replicate growth in your practice
  • Practice Analysis: Prior to your arrival to weekend you’ll fill out your practice analysis
  • Access to the Top Gun Conference Video Set (three day event – 18 hours of some of dentistry’s best)
  • Resource list of vendors to assist you in the implementation of your marketing action plan.

2. Training Covered in the 5M Mastermind

  • How to double the value of your practice at retirement
  • The $10,000 Day A Dentist
  • Trust Building Techniques
  • Psychology of Sales
  • Team Dynamics: Getting the most out of your team
  • Cause Dentistry (being involved giving back, missions, charity clinics, free dental days, etc.)
  • Efficiency techniques to improve profits and lower overhead
  • KPI: What they tell you – Ratios, Totals, Averages

3.       The “Hotseat”

  • An intensive breakdown of your individual practice. You’ll walk away with clarity and a focus plus 90-Day action plans to set you up for the next quarter.

The 5M Mastermind is not for everyone and please be sure you want to be a valued asset to the other members of the group before you apply for membership. We want strong, vibrant dentists who have an abundance mentality to join with us in creating a future of choice, not chance. We believe in the divine presence of God in our lives and want to access that power He gives us to build a better practice, a better career, and a better life. If you think you are a good fit to be in our group, I invite you to get back in touch with me so we can move forward with our class selection.

The 5M Mastermind is a yearlong mastermind bringing together dentists across the nation. We’ll come together 3 weekends across the year to break down individual challenges, practice by practice. I’ll also be hosting a monthly coaching call where we’ll continue to challenge and push you to become the best you can possibly be. Enter your email by clicking on the bar below (Reserve Your Phone Consultation) and I’ll share details about the upcoming 2018 5M Masterminds.

    Dates:  2018 5M Mastermind  (NOW OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT: Online Modules Available Upon Registration)

    • January 12-13, 2018
    • May 18-19, 2018
    • October 5-6, 2018

    Click below to reserve your call where you will learn about dates and pricing.