How Dentists Who Want Higher Profits Can Delegate And Automate Effective Social Media Strategies For More New Patients


Better Photos & Videos

Connecting with people, telling stories, doing life together is the marketing method of this decade and it’s going more and more visual. Your team leads the way by cap- turing what matters and sharing today’s stories.

Seven social media strategies

Building the e-based dental practice requires getting your message where your potential new and current patients are. Reputation management and the social seven are now critical to your success in getting your fair share of new patients.

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content creation secrets

Discover Best Practices: I have identified 27 Patterns of Success for dental teams to capture their local market. Discover six uses of video in the dental setting and where to get it. The key is that you don't have to do it all your- self. Learn how to delegate and outsource it all.

Delegation & automation

Done for you (DFY) and Do It Yourself (DIY) are always options. Delegation by the dentist to get it done means the team needs guidance and training and you need good resources.


“Bill is a very, very detailed person and he has every “I” dotted and every “T” crossed in every type of system that you can possibly think of. There are many times when we all hit $10,000 a day which is very exciting. Our sta now is crystal clear on that vision and it's all through the teachings. You have to experience it to understand it but you won't be dis- appointed.”

Dr. Rudy Braydich, Ohio

“I'm in his mastermind group. I've done it now two years and I just love it. I live in a rural area and I like to be around other high-level, high-performing dentists. Dr. Williams is like the guru's guru. He knows everything there is to know about dentistry and marketing. He tweaks everybody to help them maximize their performance. He wants you to rev up and do even better. He's fantastic.”

Dr. Kevin Pourpore, New York

“Work with Solstice Dental Advisers because your results will amaze you. Money very well spent. Bill, he's a really sharp, sharp, sharp dentist and businessman. I have always been a fairly big number producer but he helped us institute hitting $10,000 a day consistently and continue to do so. There's no question that Bill Williams is a teacher that can provide results to your practice and your everyday life.”

Dr. Brad Hester, Oregon

“Work with Bill at Solstice Dental Advisors because he is the real deal. He's honest, straightforward, and experienced. He's done everything that he's trying to teach you. The return on your investment will be threefold.”

Dr. Mark Braydich, Ohio

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