The strength behind a man is his faith in God. In Marketing the Million Dollar Practice, I have given you the keys to the kingdom of spiritual well-being. As my gift to you following up on that introduction to my source of strength, I also want to provide a Free Resource to you courtesy of one of my good friends and co-laborers in the mission field, Dr. Brian Simmons. He has a PhD in theology, was trained in linguistics, and has lived and worked among the Cuna tribe in the Panamanian jungle along with his wife, Candice, for eight years creating the first written language for their tribe and then translating The Holy Bible into that language as his parting gift. He then founded and led a 2000 member church in Yale, CT for over 18 years. For the past 4 years he had been called by God to write a new inspired translation of the Bible, called The Passion Translation.

Now, read about what Amazon Books says about this book…

Proverbs: Wisdom from Above is full of incredible Hebrew and Aramaic secrets that will awaken your heart to the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation! Prepare for a download of heavenly insights into your destiny, your finances, your relationships, and your life in the Spirit. Brian Simmons has given the church a gem in his translation of Proverbs. With numerous footnotes you will have ample information about the meaning of the Proverbs. The gift of wisdom from above is given by a generous Father and He is ready to fill your heart will all that you need to succeed in life and reign with Christ.”

Not impressed enough by what Amazon says? How about what Solomon says, the real author of Proverbs. You know, they say he was the world’s wisest man.

For the wise, these proverbs
Will make you even wiser,
And for those with discernment,
You will be able to acquire
Brilliant strategies for leadership.
Proverbs 1:4–5 TPT