Solstice Dental Advisors 5M Mastermind
Building Million Dollar Practices

What We Believe

Practice Support for Planning and Executing Exceptional Dentistry.


Creating the practice of your dreams means instilling the mindset in yourself and your team that leads to reaching audacious goals. Implementing Rock Time, State of the Practice Addresses, and 90-Day Plans will simplify your life and  transform your practice.

95% Case acceptance

The New Patient Experience establishes rapport, builds trust and sets the stage for the treatment coordinator to achieve extremely high case acceptance. Learn to employ your secret weapon and enjoy unusual success in patients saying “Yes” to treatment recommendations.

New patient Retention

Loyal patients mean less need for new patients, greater dental hygiene production, and increased internal patient referrals. Add in the benefit of having to spend less for marketing to get additional new patients to fill your schedule and you see why keeping the “back door closed” is a grand idea.

Strategic Practice Growth 

Being aware of an ever-growing set of tactics for practice growth ensures growth for those who apply proven principles and implement success strategies including the Seven Mountains Marketing Strategy, 201 guerrilla marketing tactics, 50 ways to be a $10,000 a day dentist, and web-centric marketing with funnels, fusion partners and MAPS.

Marketing  Strategies for New Patients

Using automation, delegation, and outsourcing are ideal in today’s social media environment. Using a patient attraction machine with a marketing calendar will insure a steady flow of new patients. See how Dr. Williams has attracted over 100 new patients on average a month for over 15 years.

Leadership Skills for Dentists

Combine mindset and organization to get inspired management. Connect clear communication with a top-notch team to get an unstoppable force. Put them together with a fearless, committed leader and you create a stellar 5M practice.

Exceptional Productivity

Having an adequate number of new patients, high conversion rates, and efficient scheduling leads to exceptional productivity when the dentist has the right facility, team and mindset. Creating these with intension is what we do in the 5M Mastermind.

Bullet Proof Profitability

Teams that work at capacity are highly profitable when their facility is adequate, their systems are fully implemented and their mindset is synchronized. Teams that share in the profits tend to produce far more than those that do not.

Mentoring Dentists to Finish Well

The driving force for all dentists is to end their careers on a high note:  practice value high, transition planned and ready to implement at the proper time, and a nest egg for retirement that gives them the lifestyle they desire. The 5M is all about helping dentists grow, prosper, and in the end finish well. Dr. Williams shows exactly how he created and maintained his five plus million dollar practice and how he developed and sustained his $10,000 plus average per day for over 15 years.