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Why the 5M Mastermind?

Too many dentists will not finish their career well. I know too many friends and colleagues who are not on target to finish their career well. Not enough money saved for retirement, little to no plan for debt reduction, an unproductive dental practice with little value to future buyers. Unexpected divorce, living beyond their means, unplanned illness, putting kids through school, college, paying for weddings, poorly executed business ventures, etc…

We've all been in one or more of these places along the way.

There is too much untapped potential wasted in dentistry. That’s why the 5M Mastermind exists.

To help dentists finish well.

To change the narrative of what’s possible. I believe all dentists must finish well.

The 5M Mastermind is designed to extract and maximize your opportunity to finish well.

We believe in helping dentists finish well.



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